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We are the only medical specialty board worldwide devoted to advanced education in the biophysics of lasers and light in surgery, medicine and aesthetics to improve understanding and competency. The ABLS® Certification provides a valuable learning experience, promotes treatment efficacy and patient safety, and helps attract new patients.
We are laser-focused on the full spectrum of light education for all practitioners.

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A unique Email-based knowledge sharing network for Laser Practitioners

ABLS Email List Serve

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The American Board of Laser Surgery created an email List Serve in 2009 as a free service for laser physicians and medical practitioners. It now consists of well over 400 active members. Business and social networks are growing in importance and the Board recognizes a unique opportunity for laser practitioners to connect, and share information and experiences with each other across a variety of medical specialties. The new List Serve provides the opportunity for List Members to conveniently reach out by email to other List Members to ask questions, gain knowledge, learn about the experiences of others, and share your own. It is a knowledge resource at your fingertips.

You do NOT have to be a Diplomate of The Board to enroll on this List Serve. Joining this List in no way creates any obligation to undertake the Board's certification program. The Board will not make broadband solicitations to the List Members concerning its certification or other services.

View Current ABLS List Serve Members (PDF)


Members can also post and peer review articles: The ABLS has partnered with DocMatter to provide its List Serve members with the ability to share documents and images.

DocMatter is a private, online community of health care professionals, and the ABLS now has a group within this community to enable you to share and review documents with your peers FREE OF CHARGE. To share documents with your colleagues, simply go to, click “Join Today”, and use the access code “ABLS”. Once you have requested to join, you will receive a password by email and will be able to log-in to share your documents. This works the same as if you attach a file to an email. When you share a document, all members that have joined the private ABLS DocMatter group will get an email notification to let them know the document is available. You can also invite specific colleagues to join who might be able to assist.

We are also able to offer our members free access to a Support Manager at DocMatter. If you have any questions or would like assistance in posting a particular document, please email

More About the ABLS List Serve

The List Serve is not a discussion forum, rather a professional knowledge network and resource. When you send out an email to the ABLS List with a question or request for information, the email is received by all other Members on the List. Any Members who feel they qualify to share their insight and perspectives are free to email directly back to you, or the List as a whole. You can also choose to follow up with one or more specific List Members if you like for further information. A PDF copy of all Current ABLS List Serve Members is available, so any Member can see who might be available as a resource. When you join the List Serve, we do require that your email contact is provided, however we do not list your full address or telephone number.


The List Serve Members List (as a PDF file), is publicly viewable on the ABLS website, and List Members must recognize they might receive emails from non-List Members. These emails would not be identified as "[lasers]" … in the subject line, rather be addressed directly from an individual. The Board uses A-List Hosting as its list management service, and the List is protected by the available anti-spam filters and anti-virus software that A-List provides. While the Board believes the software employed by A-List is top notch, all List Members accept that there can be no absolute guarantee. By enrolling on the List Serve, all List Members agree to fully indemnify the ABLS from any spam, viruses, or any other "malware" that might occur, however unlikely.

Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Liability Waiver

Any information requested or shared on this List is at the full discretion of the List Members, and is in no way endorsed or verified for accuracy by the List Administrator or The American Board of Laser Surgery. By enrolling on this List Serve, List Members acknowledge and agree that the ABLS is in no way responsible for, nor is liable for, the accuracy of any information shared by the List Members. All List Members agree to fully indemnify the ABLS relative to the use of any information received from any one or more List Members. If you are not willing to accept this disclaimer and waiver, you should not enroll.

How to Enroll

Enrolling is easy — complete the simple List Serve Enrollment Form below. You are required to provide your name, degree, laser medical specialty, email address, city and state / province (and country if outside the U.S.), and a website or institution where you currently practice. You must also agree to the List's Terms of Use by checking the box provided on the Enrollment Form. When you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email from the List Administrator. Your enrollment information will be added to the List Serve Members List, and this is available to view on our website as a PDF file.

Join the ABLS List Serve

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How the List Serve Works

To email the ABLS List with a question or request for information, simply address your email to This email will go out to all List Members (note this email will only be delivered to the List from the email addresses of Members who are enrolled, and anti-spam filters are used). If you choose to reply to a Member's email request, you may reply only to that Member's email address or you may reply to the List as a whole if you feel your information may be of broader interest. Please however be sensitive to not overloading List Members’ inboxes with a general reply if just emailing only the requestor directly makes sense. If you have a question for the Administrator, or wish to unsubscribe, simply send an email to These are the only two email addresses you need to use for the List, and keep in your address book.

You may also email another Member directly using the information on the List Serve Members List which contains each Member's email address.

When you receive a post to the List, it will show in the "To" line the name that the Member normally uses for his/her email, e.g. "drjoesmith." The subject line of the post will always be prefixed by "[lasers]" along with the topic of the post (e.g. "[lasers] looking for advice on latest skin resurfacing techniques"). The "[lasers]" prefix in the subject line of the email will let Members know a post has been made by a fellow List Member.

So for example,

From: drjoesmith
Subject: [lasers] Looking for advice on latest skin resurfacing techniques

It is strongly recommended that you word the subject line as succinctly and accurately as possible so List Members quickly know what you are looking for, and can assess whether they can be of help.

Whenever you post to the list, you will automatically receive an email back that confirms the posting was received and has been distributed to the List.

Rules and Etiquette

As a List Member, your email address will be available on the List Serve Members List to other Members, and you recognize that based on your information another Member may contact you directly. In order to make the List as viable as possible, it is important that you reply to direct emails from other Members in a timely fashion.

The List Serve is for connecting with other practitioners to request, share and exchange professional information. It may not be used for personal reasons or for soliciting business. It is also important that all communications are written in a professional, respectful and truthful manner. Misuse of the List Serve may result in a reprimand and/or removal from the list by the Administrator. The Administrator will see all of the email requests just like any other List Member; however, will not see any direct communications between individual List Members.

As your make posts, please refrain from directly critiquing organizations, whether these are equipment manufacturers, other suppliers/brands, professional organizations, industry service providers, and/or other medical practitioners. Relating what you see as your factual clinical experiences can be helpful to other Members, but please avoid drawing broad conclusions.